Studio Policies

Please see the class schedule, as hours for after-school classes vary by age group and day of the week.

Drop Off and Pick Up
Parents may drop off and pick up students in the driveway in front of the Heights Christian Church playground on Heights Boulevard. It is not necessary for parents to walk their children into class. Out of courtesy for other parents, please do not park in the driveway for more than a few minutes.

If someone other than a parent or guardian will be picking up your child, we will need advance notice.

Art students enjoy playing in the “Ark” play structure at the church and may be allowed to go outside to play a few minutes before the end of class if they have finished for the day, weather permitting. Students younger than fifth grade are not allowed to be outside without a studio teacher.

Boys’ and girls’ restrooms are located downstairs from the studio classrooms. Younger students are accompanied downstairs by a studio assistant.

Snacks and Water
Miss Naomi provides snacks and cold, filtered water which must be consumed in the large, main studio. Students are discouraged from bringing outside food or drink. Please advise the studio staff of any food allergies your child might have.

We understand that most students will come to art class in their school clothes, and we make every effort to avoid lasting damage to clothing via paint and other materials.
Painting shirts are required. The studio will provide painting shirts, however, students are free to bring their own. The studio cannot be responsible for damage to clothing; fortunately, most of the materials we use are washable.

We appreciate your letting us know if your child will miss art class. In some cases, it may be possible for him or her to attend class on a different day to make up the absence.
No financial credit will be given for missed classes unless your child is forced to drop out for a medical reason.

Student Work
Finished work is sent home, carefully matted, wrapped and/or bagged at several points throughout the semester. On those days it may be necessary for parents to come into the building to assist their children with carrying the bags.

Art Studio on the Boulevard expects appropriate behavior from students at all times. We understand children and their moods, and we have dealt with just about all of them over the years. Our first response will be to talk with you about any difficulties we may have with your child, and we invite you to share with us any reluctance on your child’s part to come to class; we are good at helping them assimilate and get comfortable.